Epic Bass Fishing on Lake Athens

Dakota Jones Fishing

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Check out this video from my latest trip to Lake Athens. If you watch closely you will see fish chasing bait on the surface. But not just one or two, we are seeing hundreds of fish schooling every morning!

This may be one of the most exciting ways to fish. The bass are super aggressive, chasing after large schools of shad. To catch these fish we are casting weightless flukes as close to the activity as possible, then hold on!

Did any one see that dude casting a fly rod? I welcome all my clients to fish a fly rod if they wish to do so. Schooling bass are fun, but just imagine what its like to hook one on a fly!

I am booking trips now for the summer. I have The remainder of June (21st-30th) available. Contact me to book your next trip. I look forward to wetting a line with you soon!

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