Lake Athens Report 7/10/17

Lake Athens Report


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Hello all! Summer has definitely arrived here in Texas and with it, the hot humid temperatures that seem to be the trademark of the south. None the less, the fish are biting. Over the past few weeks most of my trips have been to Lake Fork or Lake Athens. On both lakes, these next few weeks may be your best chance to catch a monster bass. In this report, I will focus on Lake Athens.

Those of you who have read my reports in the past know that I praise Texas Parks and Wildlife for the job they have done on Lake Athens. Athens is full of several kinds of grass which provide deep and shallow cover for the bass. This abundance of vegetation I feel is the reason this lake fishes so strong for its size. There is also a slot limit that is enforced on this lake to help grow and protect generations of fish. Athens is only a short drive from Dallas, Waco and Tyler and is certainly worth the trip!

The fish on Lake Athens are CHOKING a frog!

We are catching fish several different ways right now. Schooling bass in the morning seem to be the most fun. I talked about schooling bass in my last report, however, these fish will school all summer long. Between 8am and noon is the best time to catch fish schooling. During the mid-morning hours, the bass seem to concentrate in specific pockets and bays making it easier to stay over the active fish. During the day and low light hours the frog bite has been phenomenal! Scattered pads with pond weed mixed in have been the most productive areas (0-5 FOW). Bass are still feeding on bluegill in the shallows and a frog is just too good for them to pass up. Walk the bait, chug it or pop it, the fish do not seem to have a preference.

When fishing a frog in heavy vegetation, my gear is very important. The rod I use is a Temple Fork Outfitters GTS C 736-1. I like the action of this rod because I can make a long cast and still work the bait with the rod tip down (and not tap the water every twitch or jerk). I choose a super-fast reel (8:1:1) to help move fish quickly out of cover and braided line (50lb) to cut through grass. Color does not matter much although I do prefer dark colors in low light and white when the sun is high. If you would like me to talk more about my frog fishing set up and how I fish it, comment on this post and let me know!

Currently I am running a special, half day trips (4-5 hours) to Lake Fork or Lake Athens are only $300! Please call or email me to book your trip, I will only be offering this deal for a short time. Currently I have July 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, and 21 available for the special offer price. Don’t miss out on some of the best fishing of the summer! I look forward to wetting a line with you.


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