Lake Athens/ Lake Fork Report 6/6/17

Lake Athens Report


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The 2017 Skeeter Owners Tournament on Lake Fork is this weekend! This is an event I am always excited to attend not only because it is held on one of the most legendary bass lakes in the country but also for the trade show/expo the Skeeter crew puts on at this event. Of all the tournaments held on Lake Fork, the Skeeter tournament (in my opinion) may be the best organized event of them all. If you are in the area and looking for some fun this weekend, be sure to swing by Lake Fork Marina and walk through the event expo. I will be in the Temple Fork Outfitters booth all weekend so come visit with me and talk fishing at Lake Fork!

I have had several trips to Lake Fork recently and I can say that this weekend will be a slug fest for those that are fishing! While we are still catching big fish in the shallows, many are deep on main lake points feeding on anything that swims. I am always taking trips on Fork if you are interested, however, this report will be covering lake Athens as the fishing there has recently “turned on”.

Lake Athens is a short drive from Lake Fork and is home to the Texas Freshwater Fisheries center. I have written several reports on Athens in the past so I will not bore you all with details, but I would like to mention that Lake Athens Marina has recently opened “The Boathouse” a bar and grill at the boat ramp. This place looks pretty neat and hopefully my next report will feature a review!

The bottom of Lake Athens is covered with many kinds of grass. Most of the vegetation in Athens is hydrilla and fish can always be caught in or around it. I usually target grass edges in 9-12 FOW. This warm weather recently has changed the lake for the better. Fish are beginning to school in deep water searching for shad. We have been catching numbers of largemouth “schooling” or chasing bait on top. You can spot these fish breaking the surface in the early morning hours or during a cloudy day. I target “schoolers” by visually spotting them and casting a weightless plastic as close to the fish as I can. This sort of fishing is fast paced, high adrenaline and nothing short of an absolute rush for any angler!

For schooling fish, my bait of choice is a shad style bait like a fluke rigged weightless on a 4/0 hook. Color usually does not matter but I try to match the hatch. With shad, white is always a good option. I fish this on 12-14lbs fluorocarbon, a super-fast 8:1:1 gear ratio reel, and a Temple Fork Outfitters GTS C 735-1 casting rod. Schooling fish are super aggressive and will eat almost anything that moves. The key to catching these bass is putting the bait right on top of them as they wildly chase after schools of bait.

I currently have June 12th-16th and 19th-23rd available. If you are ready for some top water – fish catching action on Lake Athens, contact me to book your trip!

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