Lake Athens Report 9/17/17

Lake Athens Report 9/17/17


Dakota Jones Fishing

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Greetings all! Fall is fast approaching and cooler temperatures are just around the corner. All I can say is; it’s about time! Fall in East Texas is one of my favorite times of the year. The fish are aggressively feeding up, preparing for the winter months, the crowds of boats grow smaller as kids go back to school and most sportsman (and sports-ladies) take to the woods, and those 80-70 degree days seem so refreshing after the blistering heat of the summer has finally left us. While most anglers rave about the spectacular spring time fishing, some of my most enjoyable days on the water are during the fall months, and they can be for you too. Book a guided fishing trip with me to Lake Athens or Lake Fork this fall and enjoy some fun filled days of bass catching. I will have more information below on available dates, but first, allow me to cover the most recent fishing conditions on Lake Athens.
Lake Athens fish have so much color because they spend most of the year living in thick aquatic vegetation.

I personally spend a lot of time on Lake Athens in the fall; in the past, it has always seemed to fish better than some of the surrounding lakes. The grass has had a full season to grow and is at its peak, providing baitfish (and the bass) with more cover to live in. I have mentioned this in several previous reports, but I am a firm believer that the grass on Lake Athens is what sustains its healthy fish population. Athens is a small lake and receives a lot of fishing pressure (especially the past few months) but the grass provides a “safe place” for the fish to escape, regroup and feed. Knowing where to find the bass in this expanse of cover is the key to catching fish consistently.

One can still find schools of fish busting the surface, however, this activity, is winding down for the year. With the cooler temperatures, the shad will move shallow to the grass and the bass will follow. As the weather cools, and more fish leave the main lake and set up in aquatic vegetation, the shallow bite will only improve. Currently, I am catching most of my fish off of grass edges (9-12 FOW). I locate these edges with my electronics and concentrate on the deepest edge. Texas rigged soft plastics seem to be the top producers, but swim jigs and swimbaits will also catch em’. For this sort of fishing, no one bait is “the ticket” and versatility is key. I like to fish all my plastics (Anaconda worms, Ocho’s, Caffeine Shad’s etc.) on 15lb test Fluorocarbon, a high-speed gear ratio casting reel, and a Temple Fork Outfitters GTS C 735-1 casting rod. This set up allows me to experiment with plastics and find what the fish want each day without getting too technical, tackle wise.

I hope this report will help steer you in the right direction. Stay tuned for more reports like this soon. If you would like to book a trip and fish this beautiful East Texas Lake with me, please call or email me so we can reserve the date! I still have dates available this month: Sept. 19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28th. I am now accepting trips for this fall and winter, so be sure to contact me. Thank you for reading this report, and I look forward to fishing with you soon!

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