Lake Fork Fishing Report Feb. 13th 2018

Lake Fork Fishing Report

February 13th 2018

Lake Fork Fishing Report

Cold, cold, cold, has been the story at Lake Fork for a few weeks now. I, along with many others, are ready for warm weather and it looks like we won’t have to wait long! Spring is coming fast, and the bass know it! In just a few weeks, Lake Fork will be producing numbers of giant pre-spawn bass and living up to its reputation as “The Big Bass Capitol of Texas”! Tournaments are starting back up soon. Fork is coming back to life quickly! Here is my Lake Fork fishing report for January/February.

Bass are following “contours” like points or channels, into the backs of creeks.


Water Temp: mid 40s

Water Clarity: Stained

Stage: Pre-spawn

Over the past few weeks, fishing has been tough for numbers at Lake Fork, however, the few bites we have been getting are trophy material. Fish are beginning to push shallow, anticipating the warmer water temperatures of spring. Our biggest bites have been coming out of creek channels in major creek arms. Fish will hold on any solid cover available like docks, brush or stumps. Flipping the new Strike King Hack Attack Fluorocarbon Jig 3/4oz has produced the most bites. A chunk trailer like the KVD chunk works best. The gear I like to use is a Temple Fork Outfitters GTS 736-1 casting rod and 20lb P-Line %100 Fluorocarbon. For those of you fishing Bass Champs and other spring tournaments in the coming weeks; I have also been catching a lot of “unders” in as shallow as 1 FOW on moving baits. The key is to cover a lot of water and fish EVERYTHING efficiently.

Although the weather is cold, a BIG jig is hard to beat on Lake Fork

My Gear and Tackle

Strike King Lure Company Hack Attack Fluorocarbon Jig 3/4oz.

Strike King Lure Company KVD Perfect Plastic KVD Chunk

P-Line 20lb %100 Fluorocarbon

Temple Fork Outfitters GTS 736-1 Casting rod

Spring fishing 2018 is finally here y’all. Its time to get out on the water again and chase after a Lake Fork trophy bass! I still have plenty of dates available during the prime months of spring. If you are interested in a guided fishing trip on the legendary Lake Fork, please contact me asap so I can mark the calendar. The number to call is (509) 309-5252 or email My website now has a booking calendar as well! (Click here to book). I offer a military discount and discounts for booking multiple days. Don’t miss out this spring, come fish with me on Lake Fork!

Lake Fork Guided Trip Rates

Half-day (1-2 anglers) – $275

Full-day (1-2 anglers) – $350

*3rd angler = $75 fee

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