Lake Fork Report 7/1/17

Lake Fork Report


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Happy 4th of July to all! I hope everyone had a fun and safe holiday weekend. The weather has been hot recently and so has the fishing! Since my last report I have spent a lot of time on Lake Fork. Some of you may have seen pictures I have posted on social media of giant bass. Most of these big fish are being caught deep right now, but I have landed several decent fish shallow too. In this report, I will cover how we catch the big ones in deep water.

Recently, Bassmaster released their 2017 Best Bass Lakes ratings. Lake Fork made number 11 on the list! Texas lakes are consistently at the top of the yearly rankings but few more often than Lake Fork. Some considered Fork the “Big bass capitol” of Texas and rightfully so! Any cast could catch your next personal best. Lake Fork is a “slot” lake meaning any Largemouth bass between 16 and 24 inches cannot be kept. And 24 inches is a Big bass!

For the past few weeks the deep bite has produced some giant fish! We are catching fish anywhere from 15 to 30 FOW (depends on the conditions). Long points and humps seem to hold the most fish. Before I begin fishing, I always drive over my spot while watching my graph. As you can imagine, with the reputation Lake Fork has, it receives a ton of pressure. Fish will hold in smaller areas, exact depths and specific cover (these 3 variables change daily). It is important to find the key depth and location to keep my clients catching fish. Once I find what I am looking for I will position the boat a casts length off the fish. Football jigs have been a key producer during my past few trips. No one color seems to catch them better than another. My set up of choice is a Temple Fork Outfitters TPM SC 746-1 rod and 15lb fluorocarbon.

If you are looking to catch your next personal best or mark this top-ranking bass lake off your bucket list, contact me and let’s go fishing! I am now booking trips for July and august so check your calendar. I look forward to wetting a line with you.

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